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Soulful Cinema:: Mother of George

“Love heals,” was the answer Isaach De Bankolé gave when asked about the theme of his new movie, Mother of George, written by American screenwriter Darci Picoult. Mother of George is a moving portrait of an immigrant Nigerian family whose actions challenge the perception and thresholds of unconditional love.

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Sensory Escape:: Sebastian Tellier ‘Look’

Yes, we are living in the “era of unprecedented ass awareness.” Big or small, male or female, no one can deny the modern day obsession with a healthy derriere. And those who highlight or flaunt it via their Instagram selfies, are on top in the social media game.
French artists Mrzyk & Moriceau honor the backside in this sensory escape and entertaining video – which is a by-product of their illustration talent and success. To see more of their work, check  out 1000 dessins. com.


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Rough Luxe Redefines The Meaning of Luxury

Rough Luxury?  What’s behind the contradictory pairing of words that describes this new movement in design otherwise referred to as “Rough Luxe”? Described as half rough, half luxury, Wikipedia still has no entry for this salvage aesthetic – however Rough Luxe is evolving as the antithesis to minimalism and materialistic mores that have dominated an era.

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