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Soulful Cinema :: Mother of George

Q & A with Issach De Bankolé and Anthony Okungbowa @ CAA screening.

“Love heals,” was the answer Isaach De Bankolé gave when asked of the theme of his new movie, Mother of George. Directed by Andrew Dosunmu and written by American screenwriter Darci Picoult, Mother of George is an oblique love story that perfectly achieves what great art is meant to – challenge perception and inspire interpretation.

. . . → Read More: Soulful Cinema :: Mother of George

Genesis :: Sensory Escape

Genesis 2012, Guillermo Daldovo

Individual genesis and human reproduction is nothing less than a glorious miracle.  At thirty two weeks pregnant, I am in complete awe of the capabilities of my own body and this video piece by Guillermo Daldovo resonated heavily with me. With so much on my mind, sometimes it’s nice to just escape into some visual sensory . . . → Read More: Genesis :: Sensory Escape

Rough Luxe Redefines The Meaning of Luxury

Rough Luxury?  What’s behind the contradictory pairing of words that describes this new movement in design otherwise referred to as “Rough Luxe”? Described as half rough, half luxury, Wikipedia still has no entry for this salvage aesthetic – however Rough Luxe is evolving as the antithesis to minimalism and materialistic mores that have dominated an era.

Various . . . → Read More: Rough Luxe Redefines The Meaning of Luxury

5 DIY Summer Rose Remedies

summer banner rose

He loves me, he loves me not… A rose has always been regarded as a symbol of pure love and adoration with the earliest known cultivations from 500 BC in Persia. Aside from their allegorical traditions, there are also a number of beauty and culinary benefits to the coveted flower petals.

Turn the love toward yourself this . . . → Read More: 5 DIY Summer Rose Remedies

Wet & Wild Summer Make-Up Combos

Water 2013, Vladislav Spivak


Vladislav Spivak’s recent WATER make-up story is not only conceptually beautiful but applies practical make-up knowledge too boot. The color combinations are hot and stimulating choices for the summer season.

A good make-up story should include looks for various skin tones and eye colors which this editorial covers. The make-up artist doesn’t skip a beat, moving from . . . → Read More: Wet & Wild Summer Make-Up Combos

Dave Grohl’s Voice Versus “The Voice”


Summer is the musicians big touring season and that time of year when you get to connect with your favorite artists and even discover new live acts.  Live shows are the best way to witness the unquestionable difference between a real artist versus a good entertainer or great singer.  There is a difference after all.

Not big . . . → Read More: Dave Grohl’s Voice Versus “The Voice”

Maiko Takeda’s Abstract Adornments

Maiko Takeda

Japanese designer Maiko Takeda has recently been receiving some well deserved love in the mainstream press for her headdress design that  Bjork wore on her Biophilia tour.  As expected, the the queen of music delivered  a “next level” sartorial expression rocking exaggerated wigs and Iris Van Herpen dresses. Yet nothing seemed to inspire as much wow . . . → Read More: Maiko Takeda’s Abstract Adornments

The Art of Punk + MOCAtv


Thursday night MOCA premiered The Art of Punk short documentary film series created exclusively for MOCAtv.  Featuring interviews with seminal punk legends Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and Penny Rimbaud, each episode dissects and discusses the three artists behind the iconic living logos from the bands Black Flag, Crass and the Dead Kennedy’s.

Dave King . . . → Read More: The Art of Punk + MOCAtv

Don’t Go Empty-Handed: 5 Quick + Easy Conscious Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full swing so let the parties begin. Tis the season when guests come by the dozen, carrying bottles of wine as tokens of their appreciation.

These days I rarely drink and almost never suggest going out for drinks. Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolitan and LAPD has a special enforcement team with only . . . → Read More: Don’t Go Empty-Handed: 5 Quick + Easy Conscious Gift Ideas

The Day of the Dead :: Eternal Life


Most people view death as the end of life, natives view it as the continuation of life. Instead of fearing death, indigenous cultures embrace it. To the Aztecs, life was a dream and only in death did they awake. Dias De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead, is actually an important and honorable holiday . . . → Read More: The Day of the Dead :: Eternal Life

Kubrick Life Restrospective Opens @ LACMA


Stanley Kubrick films have always been a part of my creative anima. His intensity and symmetry are deep, subconscious, and penetrating.  His characters are psychologically born from vanity, frailty, the supernatural and despair.  Every frame is a perfect painting, and his horror is terrifying.

You feel Kubrick in his films.  There is perfection in every detail – . . . → Read More: Kubrick Life Restrospective Opens @ LACMA

Celebrating the Art of Resistance with Tom Morello

Tom Morello and Wayne Kramer © Estée Ochoa

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics recently hosted its 2012 Annual Party Auction and “Art is a Hammer” Award Ceremony.  With over 75,000 posters, the CSPG archive is the largest collection of Post World War II graphics in the United States.  The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) collects, preserves, and exhibits . . . → Read More: Celebrating the Art of Resistance with Tom Morello

Rolnik’s Inter-Views @ Curio Gallery

Robert Fongenot, Untitled

Art writer and emerging curator, Daniel Rolnik was approached by Ann Faith Nicholls of Curio Art to curate her early fall show entitled, Inter-Views. The show opened Saturday, October 6th and is a stimulating, multi-media group exhibition of mostly small, affordable works.

Nicholls explained Rolnik as an exciting curatorial choice because of his deep passion and intoxicating . . . → Read More: Rolnik’s Inter-Views @ Curio Gallery

Runway Style File: Spring ’13

Tom Ford

Spring 2012 Designer collections are exciting and alive as we see the rise of the Chinese supermodel on the runway. Cuts and styles intersect this season with a broad array of innovations. Veronique Branquinho’s exaggerated armhole short sleeve, Chanel’s hulu hoop bag and a neon ready-set rave palette, make it almost impossible to not love at . . . → Read More: Runway Style File: Spring ’13

Runway Style File Part 2: Spring ’13


ETRO explodes with color and describes spring perfectly.  The soft flowing fabrics and rounded edges are like flowers blossoming.  Make an inspiring entrance in this collection.  Liu Wen looks exquisite. The Chinese supermodel is a cultural compliment to the runway – whose look bridges traditional Asian inspirations with the modern classic woman.



ThreeAsFour‘s rounded hems . . . → Read More: Runway Style File Part 2: Spring ’13

Special Delivery Graffiti Museum


At the end of September, the Special Delivery “Graffiti Museum” will become street art history. Contractors will begin to sandblast the 50,000 square foot Berkeley warehouse, erasing all traces of the infamous underground art gallery.

Street artists from along the Pacific Coast migrated to Berkeley for the underground invitational event curated by Endless Canvas. On Saturday, September . . . → Read More: Special Delivery Graffiti Museum

The Color of Phytonutrients

Purple Good Food

The nutritional value of phytonutrients is one of the main reasons why the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consumption of at least five cups of fruits and vegetables and three ounces of whole grain foods every day. On average, Americans eat less than half of the these amounts and are lacking in their intake of . . . → Read More: The Color of Phytonutrients

In Color :: Pantone’s Fashion + Home Brand


The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication. In 1963, Pantone created an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community.

Since then, Pantone has expanded its color matching system concept to other color-critical industries, including digital . . . → Read More: In Color :: Pantone’s Fashion + Home Brand

Spiritual Graffiti :: Werc Alvarez’ Mythograff

Werc Alvarez, Spirit Man 2012

Do you believe in magic? I certainly do. Magic happens all the time. Sometimes we call it a “miracle” and other times, “luck.”  It can be a shared feeling or it can be a ritual, never-the-less magic evokes the supernatural, and I could not pass up the opportunity to soak it up in Werc Alvarez’s new . . . → Read More: Spiritual Graffiti :: Werc Alvarez’ Mythograff

Whole Foods: Raw and UnProcessed Music

Cumbia Tokeson Cover Art

Do you rock out, when you clock out? Whole Foods Market is giving their musically talented team members an opportunity to let their music be heard. Out of hundreds of submissions, a panel of peers selected ten finalists in Raw and Unprocessed, Whole Foods Market’s Team Member Music Project.

The selection consists of a wide variety including . . . → Read More: Whole Foods: Raw and UnProcessed Music

Sharing Economy: 10 Sites To Maximize Your Social Capital


What is it that brings people together?  What is it that allows us to be so different and unique and at the same time have so much in common?  Regardless of geographical differences, everyone in this world share all the same basic needs; shelter, food, work and community.

“Social capital” is a term that describes the expected . . . → Read More: Sharing Economy: 10 Sites To Maximize Your Social Capital

Perform Chinatown 2012: Performance Art x Public Witness

Alise Spinella, 942 1/2 CK Road, © Estée Ochoa

Perform Chinatown (formerly titled Perform! Now!), is a one-night festival of performance art that takes place in Chinatown, Los Angeles. For those of you who are not familiar with performance art, it is, in essence, an art form where the artist mostly uses themselves as the medium of their art. It is a bold, provocative and . . . → Read More: Perform Chinatown 2012: Performance Art x Public Witness

Costume in Art :: Os Gémeos Textile Design


I use to look to the streets for style inspiration. These days I am finding it in art. Brazilian twins, Os Gemeos are brilliant muralists in skill and sentiment however their character wardrobe choices embody a rich sophistication that parallels all my favorite fashion authorities.  When it comes to lush eclectic flavor wardrobe can express spirit . . . → Read More: Costume in Art :: Os Gémeos Textile Design

Venus Transit’s Cosmic Energy Streams into Human Consciousness


June 6th, 2012 marks the completion of the Transit of Venus – a time when planet Venus crosses over the face of the Sun and we, as a civilization, are lucky enough to witness this rare occurrence that only takes place every 110 – 130 years.

Transit of Venus June 8, 2004 – Photograph Copyright © . . . → Read More: Venus Transit’s Cosmic Energy Streams into Human Consciousness

Mike D’s Transmissions LA: AV Club


Art is a language and is the fastest form of communication. Art is everywhere, in everything we look at. It is powerful, and more and more corporations are trying to plug into it. Rather than labeling or differentiating progressive creatives as “avant-garde,” Mercedes Benz created a project and digital interview magazine that documents personal views on . . . → Read More: Mike D’s Transmissions LA: AV Club